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About me

Let me introduce myself. I'm Martina Moritsch.
Born as a businesswoman, I grew up as a manager. ​

Throughout my career I have managed, at an operational and management level, all the possible phases of a company's life cycle: creation, development, acquisition, reorganization, consolidation, implementation of innovative lines, expansion. ​

In the first part of my career I acquired practical training, immediately challenging myself in the field, where theory and practicality are confronted daily. ​ ​

In the second part, I experienced significant professional growth as a manager of a multinational company, holding various management positions within Terex Corporation, until my resignation in 2014. ​ ​

In parallel, I also tried operating other business structures at an international level - different in their nature, organization and borders. ​​

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Today I provide strong customized advice thanks to my accumulated experience and deep knowledge of management systems.

My goal? Provide concrete and all-encompassing help
for recently established start-ups, companies undergoing generational changes,
and all business situations that are confronted with a major change.

Company consultancy:


Newly established entrepreneurs and start-ups need to find the right direction to go into. A tailor-made consulting process for individual business situations helps to select the correct strategy and avoid mistakes.

Generational change

For businesses, generational transition is an inevitable and delicate phase. Business succession must be tackled with proper management, in order for the change to bring positive consequences to the organization.


Restructuring means changing the order of things. But change can often be frightening. The business restructuring process offers great opportunities that you have to make use of. How? By putting solutions in place that can make the organizational machine more efficient.

Crisis Management

To get out of a business crisis, general solutions don't work. Instead, we must start with the actual problems that caused the difficult phase. It is only by an in-depth understanding of the individual business that it is possible to construct a realistically sustainable rehabilitation plan.


A healthy company can further improve its performance. A systematic approach to business process improvement measures the growth of the corporate organization. The goal? Give a positive context to the work environment, streamline processes and achieve better efficiency.


Resizing the company is sometimes the best solution to pursue. The downsizing strategy aims to improve the financial results of a company by reducing costs. The resizing process involves profound changes and cutbacks: a challenge that must be tackled with the right approach.

Some significant experiences:

Crisis management and recovery processes

Crisis management and recovery processes

When the crisis hit the sector globally, I personally directed the delicate business stages, dealing with the management of crisis situations and identifying corporate reorganization processes.

Business transformations

Business transformations

I directly participated in the complex transformation a company undergoes when it becomes part of a publicly traded multinational, assimilating the strict standards of the American management system.

Implementation of innovative lines

Implementation of innovative lines

At a managerial level, I contributed to the implementation of innovative lines, in and out of the production field, acting in international contexts.

Business acquisitions

Business acquisitions

Throughout my career, I have taken care of acquisitions of individual plants or entire companies.

Management consulting

Management consulting

I started collaborating with a number of businesses, active in various fields, both nationally and internationally. I offer targeted advice, guiding management decisions in the most appropriate direction, on a case-by-case basis.

Corporate downsizing agreements

Corporate downsizing agreements

I have been personally involved in different corporate downsizing agreements, come of them successful and others unsuccessful. Situations in which there are a need to consolidate the work environment and encourage human resources to find renewed creativity.

Mentoring / Coaching

Mentoring / Coaching

I believe in the important role that a serene working environment can have. That is why I have set up internal training and coaching plans for companies. As a speaker, I have been working on themes related to stress management and change.

Method: stability in practice


I believe that it is important for companies to rely on a single reference entity, capable of providing complete support to manage every aspect of business management better. 

I can rely on the support of a network of trusted professionals with whom I've been personally involved with for 25 years. 

My advice is always based on the observation of the relevant company, on a case-by-case basis, the real necessities, and the identification of the management tools that need to be prepared.

What I have learned:

  • Combine an entrepreneurial vision with managerial pragmatism
  • Appreciate human resources, the true engine of a virtuous enterprise
  • Managing and solving crises and challenging problem situations
  • Make decisions supported by objective numerical analysis
  • Identify opportunities for growth and development
  • Manage international business
  • All-encompassing planning of activities for small and large businesses
  • Create a positive working environment

"To improve is to change;
to be perfect is to change often."
Sir Winston Churchill